As I mentioned in the last blog post, there is always life admin stuff that I have to take care of, and I have a public list that sometimes gets maintained, sometimes doesn't, that I call task bucket, and I am thinking of even turning that little Carrd thing into an easy-to-build (#NoCode?) project. I'd say that nearly all projects that are #NoCode, are really "Low Code", but I will see what I can do with it.

Anyway, task bucket has everything from 2022 that I have done, and am doing. I don't have the "Vans" or the "cadet hat" or any shit like that on there, but those are things that I don't need to have "accomplished", yet, they are what I would consider life admin things.

Are any of the things on there what one would consider "indie products"? No, I don't think so. They're just piss around ideas that I am toying with (some of them), but there is only one project on there, I think (the Parody Project), unless one counts, which is just a self-managed blog thing that I am making for me and don't have plans of doing some public type offering with it. is nowhere near complete, yet (in fact, it is nearly all .html and .php sub-pages), but there will be more eventually. The Parody Project is near completion, but it takes money to complete, and I am pretty sure I will just buy everything for it in March, but again, it's just some piss around "joke" thing.

As for task bucket, I might make some list type thing, as I have little interest in rebuilding PSShub or GeneralDisclaimer (which were two "Low Code" projects I had back a couple years ago). Plain Ass Pong did get recreated of February of this month though, for S&G's.

why build a bunch of little things like this?

Again, piss around ideas that are sort an expression of creativity. I've considered a low key "business" model for the Parody Project, and I might still go through with that, but I am not betting the farm on it, haha.

Same for - building it for personal reasons

Same for the task bucket concept - building for fun (and usefulness)

It all falls under the same reasoning for why I do any web dev type of stuff - to learn, have fun, express myself, find some personal utility in it, etc.

Just sharing