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So, I sat in bed, stomach churning, needing to vomit, because I had eaten two bowls of Golden Grahams back-to-back, and that wrecked my stomach that was already pre-filled with soda (revolting), and while I sat there in bed, with indigestion on the rise, I thought of culturally relevant movies that were SO significant in their time, but have since fallen off the map, because even though they are incredible movies, they only had their "juice" when they hit theaters.

Philadelphia - with Tom Hanks (which he won an Oscar for, which rose immense awareness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic that was on the rise (with no treatment in sight) in the late 1980s/early-1990s).

New Jack City - with Chris Rock, is his only(?) serious role where he played a strung out crack addict living in New York City. It not only shined a giant public light on the devastating epidemic of crack cocaine in NYC after it's "creation" in the late-1980s, but was just very well acted by Chris Rock and the rapper-turned-actor, Ice-T (who is on Law & Order now, I think, he was for a long time I know that).

Then, I got up and puked. And then had a cig on the balcony. Then was recommended an A.G. Cook cover of the song "Crimson and Clover" over on, which I had referrenced (the song) in a previous post, and that I was considering either putting the original by Tommy James/The Shondells on one of my go-to playlists OR the Joan Jett and The Blackhearts version. I decided on the Joan Jett version (because I am a sucker for nice guitar). The A.G. Cook cover wasn't considered, because though I found it on Tidal, it definitely wasn't what I was looking for in THAT song, BUT, he did a cover (I suppose a cover, perhaps an original of the same name?) of "Superstar", which reminded me of the cover of that song by Sonic Youth (from Sonic Youth Covers The Carpenters (yes, very weird album name)), and so I listened to that, and then listened to a bit more of Sonic Youth.

And the SY cover of "Superstar" was the song played in the movie Juno when Jason... damn, still can't remember the actor's real name, (will look it up), when he was trying to impress the Juno character, of course played by Ellen Page, who is now Elliot Page.

Anyhow, I don't feel puke-y, anymore. And will step out for another msoke momentarily.

back later

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