So, I never did delete this instance from my Linode VPS. I didn't feel I had to (indeed, no reason to - other than to save $5 per month). I also didn't install a note-taking app that I thought I would get around to (be it Standard Notes or HedgeDoc), but hella Docker issues caused me to hit "Pause" on that ordeal. I will revisit it eventually, though.

This editor though, man. The Ghost editor has many quirks (annoyances) which I do not like, so I will use a separate editor after this post (in all likelihood, Joplin - because I am not reinventing the wheel of useful services when all I need/want to do is compose a simple Markdown file, and I already use Joplin).

Stuff will change on though, a bit. Simple upgrades I meant to do the last time I was using this bloggo daily. A new theme, some page changes, perhaps enabling comments, who knows?

It's possible that I import the entirety of the archive onto, too (in fact, it'd be foolish to NOT do so (in my mind)), so that will be addressed in due time, also.

I just flipped through that "archive" on W.a, and I have 705 pages on the blog. Meaning, 705 pages of 10 posts each on that blog. So, 7,050 posts, or somewhere thereabouts. There is no "Archive" function on W.a, so I just went to the front page of, and then clicked "Older" at the bottom, saw the URL ended with "/2", meaning Page 2, so I typed in "/1000" and see what I got. It landed on 705, and I couldn't go further (no /706, or anything like that, so, that's where it "started"). And the results were fxxxed beyond belief when I did it that way. For example, the first post listed was something about me quarantining for COVID, even though I had been using W.a daily for two years before COVID. And then the next post was something from late-2021, so, everything was scrambled about.

Doesn't matter, whether the import thing works or not when I get around to it, it's all the same. Maybe Ghost's default "time/date" function will put everything where it needs to go? I'm not concerned, at all.

Why Ghost? Why again? What for?

I don't know. Change of pace. W.a offers the most minimal and immediate editor in the blog world as of 2022, for sure. But I can just hammer out text in an always-running editor (like Joplin), and then manually import the post (through a rough Copy/Paste job(?) - as if that wasn't a tragedy waiting to happen), or something, but I just want things to be a bit different.

We'll see where this goes, and what happens.

back soon