So, I got a notification from ProtonMail to set a recovery phrase for the service, so if I ever try to reset my Password, I would need said phrase (I think it is 10 or 12 random words (in English)). So, I took all the steps needed to secure this pre-generated phrase (I didn't get to choose the words), so I downloaded the .txt file, saved it to a couple "secure"/hidden away folders on the MacBook, and will back up that folder to the external SSD here in a bit. I do not have 2FA turned on with PM, though. I should, but I do not, because I do not want to have to reach for the Yubikey 5C hardware security key every time I want to check my e-mails real fast. And, the Yubikey 5C is one of the more less-intrusive version of the Yubico line up (meaning it is low-profile, and doesn't "stick out" from the laptop too much). But I can go even more low-profile, with the Yubikey 5C nano, which I would simply keep in my laptop's USB-C port at ALL times. They run $60, and I think I will order one in March, perhaps. That way, the Yubikey 5C will be with me at all times (on my keychain), in case I have to log in from somewhere else, on a different device - but, for the laptop, I would keep the Yubikey 5C nano plugged in 24/7, so I am not inconvenienced by needing to use a hardware key for different accounts I use online (such as ProtonMail). This way, I will actually start using 2FA on ProtonMail, pCloud, and other services, because in the end, it is a smart thing to do. Google is the only service which I require a hardware key to gain access to the account (currently), but, it would benefit me to use 2FA more places.

Just taking note