Man, there’s a whole industry, a whole series of built-in and third-party software applications, and even entire devices and retreats people can use/go to in order to reclaim some semblance of attention span.nnWhy?nnBecause self-control and willpower are fickle things that need the assistance of software to regain. Of course, it is **software** itself that *is* the distraction – but more is more, and less is none, right?nnIt’s the most foolish thing I’ve ever seen – pure snake oil. “Download our app, use this feature, plant this garden, XYZ etc. – and YOU can have personal integrity and not give yourself a panic attack by not using a phone for 20 minutes!”nnIt’s “doing what’s normal – monkey see/monkey do” on a micro level every step of the way. It’s rElAtAbLe to be a phone junkie and ignore other humans to doomscroll, instead. nnI mean, we *ALL* do things that *other* humans do, right? Why not extend that to when no one is looking? When you’re on your own, personal, private, “me” time? Because companies know this. In fact, they know/capitalize on the fact that people can’t drag themselves away from social media (and their phones, in general) so they just make a double-edged profit off of it by *boasting* how good their “attention claiming” or “calming” features are.nnMove along ffs, haha

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