In the late-90’s/early-2000’s, I seemed to never get up from the home computer – a Gateway 2000 desktop machine. I spent hella time in AOL chatrooms, and on Newgrounds(.com), and e-mailing folks (it was easy, their [@] e-mail was whatever their screen name was – a time where things were supposed to be more “open” or “free”, I suppose).nnSo, at one point Tommy Lee (of Motley Crue) participated in some public Q&A, and during that Q&A he mentioned his personal e-mail address (an accepted thing to do at the time, I suppose – not like someone would publish their e-mail in a Reddit AMA these days or anything).nnSo, I decided to take a shot and e-mail him, stating that I was a longtime fan and that I had ten questions for him regarding the direction he was taking Methods of Mayhem (his solo project at the time). I still remember his e-mail was “mrmethod[@]” (I won’t mention it specifically, even though that service is likely long gone).nnHis answer? “Send me the Q’s!”nnSo, I drafted up ten questions to ask him, and kept them all regarding the Methods project, and to this day, of *all* the questions I asked him, the only one I remember his answer to is: “DW!”. Which was the answer to “which drum brand do you prefer the most while on tour?” (and yes, all answers were followed by an exclamation point – edge).nnHe was in the era of trying to promote himself as much as humanly possible at that time, which is probably why he took my questions – other eras, he wouldn’t have bothered. nnI printed out the e-mail, and showed it to anyone/everyone, and people thought it was hot shit. And *I* thought I was hot shit. Fun times, indeed.nnAnyhow, I just thought I would share that. I don’t have the sheet of paper I printed out that day, nor do I have access to that old [@] e-mail anymore (I don’t even think they *exist* any longer). But yes, I just happened across that memory a bit ago. Neat stuff.nn

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