I went through my paperwork, again, and got the stuff needed to get a Missouri Real ID made in order. I have it sitting on my desk and I *will* do it Wednesday – no excuses. I also tossed some other old paperwork I found that was outdated/useless. As far as the majority of the things on the checklist, I will do as many of them as I can on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Wed will see me getting the ID made, and I will get ProtonMail Premium before that (I think), and will order medications on Monday. So, reverse chronological order there πŸ˜› The new debit card will not be ordered until *after* all banking/bills are taken care of. Just so there are no issues with the card becoming useless out of the blue or some shit like that. I will also have to print a copy of a utility bill (or two) for proof of residence at this address for the Missouri Real ID. nnThe Linode bulk payment can happen in January. *Will* happen in January, I should say. But tonight (right now), I will cancel all unused domain names on GoDaddy. I may switch things over to NameCheap in time, but for now I just want to rid myself of the unused domains.nnback later

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