Another “warm up” post occurred on just now – a “get the fingers moving, so I can think of witty things to quip about” type of entry, and it turned out to be mostly about how I approach a writing/blogging archive, and how I am not an “archivist” but that posts just generally tend to “pile up” a fair amount over time. And I think the reason I could never be a migratory archivist (or someone who saves ALL of their digital writing and can take it from platform to platform), is because it would be like moving from a 5,000 sq ft estate full of “things” and furniture, and “prized possessions” and bringing them all to a new place every several years, or every decade, or whatever – a hassle. I did this before a year or more back when I took the W.a archives over to [](, and then became aware that everything was kind of “machine-dependent”, and if something happened to the MacBook Air, then the posts would be “lost” (or editable versions of them would be, anyway). So, I came back to W.a eventually.nnBut, in the end (and even right now) archives are not a thing that matters. It’s just what I sort of “wound up” writing about over on just a bit ago.nnI’m not sure what all got published here on W.a (or, I don’t know *how many* posts I have done, I should say). Let me find out the total, for S&G’s…nn![](, a bit over 8K posts, in total. Everyone can find out their data on “”, and it will have some general account info there. I am not “bragging” I wouldn’t say, as this is an online “journal” (not a genuine blog), and also because I am all too fond of humble pie, and I couldn’t care less about “looking cool”, when I am 100% aware that I am *not* cool in terms of…what coolness actually *is*.nnAnd that made me think of a small diatribe I could go on in regards to what “cool” things are, or what I consider “hip” things to be, but I am a 38 year old dude who spends the majority of his time chainsmoking and hammering text for no apparent reason, so I cannot really opine on things of “significance”. Hell, I don’t even watch the news, because it is too depressing to do so (I stopped seeing things in the media in early-2020, and I jumped ship *just* in time, because COVID started after that, and I would have wound up in a quasi-permanent mental “panic mode” if I had tried to keep up with the (decidedly bad) news going on everywhere at that time.nnFun time. Back again later.

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