re-ordering ""

Went ahead and put the order of the entries on into this order,

entry - 0004

entry - 0003


Chronological, reverse chronological, I do not know. Never figured out the difference between then two (other than they are opposite).

But now it is like a traditional blog, sort of - and easier to read through

Easy VPS to manage, nearly no software on it. Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS), and Apache, and that is it. A "LA stack". No db needed nor PHP.

I never have updates/upgrades to run. Fun! has hella stuff to update, and I like that, too

rawtxt is cool, very primitive and I love that about it

Espresso is dope. Had a mug of it.

Been up since 2:00 AM, got IC at 8:19, as that is when Metro Call-A-Ride arrives

Sleep deprivation this afternoon, again, I guess

Whatever - on I go

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