I haven’t logged into Notion(.so) in a very long time. I used to keep writing on there that I thought was of “high quality”, and there’s a bunch of stuff there still, but I don’t actually use the app for writing, itself. I just write a bunch of stuff on the blog, and then copy/paste it into Notion at another time. I think a lot of writing I’ve done that I like, that *I* think is fairly interesting (that isn’t in diary/blog format) is at []( or [](, but even some of that is touch and go, for my tastes (and *I* wrote the stuff! LOL!).nnI also have most (or all) of the writing I’ve done that I prefer to re-read over on Google Drive, and pCloud Drive, and also saved to the MacBook locally, and also on the Samsung T7 SSD. Redundancy.nnOh, and hey, I am going to share the first chapter/segment of a short fiction I wrote here in a minute. It is called *The Oceans of Missouri*, and I have no clue where I am going with it. I wrote it on and saved it as a Draft, and then copy/pasted it into Joplin (offline writing app), and want it online somewhere. I will put that on here in a second.

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