That's not "random ads", it's a combo of "random nomads", because I'm just insanely clever.

Nomads. I like them. They're everywhere (it seems). I always keep up with their stories, their journey, their blogs, etc.

It was around 2014 when I started to notice nomads. It started with digital nomads, and a handful of other content creators on YouTube that I found interesting. I won't name names, but there are a handful that I periodically check up on, see their blog/YT channel, whatever, and then click away - their stories are not my story.

Now, I keep up with people who are not just in the "digital" nomad realm, but simply nomadic, altogether.

I won't name names there, either. But there are people whose newsletter I subscribe to, or have their blogs on my RSS feed, and every so often exchange an e-mail with (sometimes in reply to a newsletter (a handy feature to have enabled on such a "thing")).

They're a group whom I consider "my people". Great folks :)

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