I don’t even know what I want to say, so I will put it on **Currently**. I have hella stuff to do today, and over half of it is already done! (at 6:45 AM).nnI wanted to:nn- install Homebrew on macOS (done)nn- generate an SSH key on the MacBook and sync it to Github (yet to be done)nn- start laundry (changed loads already, so halfway done)nn- clean up the kitchen (done)nn- take out the trash (done)nn- check the mail (as in snail mail – done)nn- scan signed documents to send-in to caseworker through e-mail (done)nn- text therapist to see about when we will have another appointment (yet to be done, but will text her at 9:00 AM)nn- go to Schnucks and buy instant coffee and a new 2-pack of batteries for my scale (yet to be done, will go over there at 10:00 AM)nnTHENnnI may or may not have a therapy appointment later. Either way, I will do some dev stuff this afternoon or/and evening. So all is well and good there :)nnback later

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