I was sitting here and I *had* to get some grub, so I went to Dierbergs because I had a gift card to there. It was drizzling rain, Telegraph Road was busy as could be, and I made it there ok. So I get Ichiban Noodles, which are a slightly different type of noodle than Top Ramen or Maruchan (because Dierbergs is basically where rich people’s maids shop, and that comes with a $1-per-item “Dierbergs Tax” (as everyone calls it) just for the “privilege” of shopping there – so Top Ramen and Maruchan are not even in stock). And I also got a Diet Pepsi, and a thing of cheddar broccoli soup. I get to the self checkout, and for whatever reason I had $7 on the gift card and *not* the $10 like I had expected (though I can’t recall ever using it). So, I called over the help center clerk and request they remove the cheddar broccoli stuff, and I just got the Ichiban Noodles + Diet Pepsi, instead. And yes, I felt like an axxhole having them remove a single item because I was gift-card-dependent that day, but felt less shitty about it considering everything costs $3 at a minimum anyway.nnAnyway, the walk back was easy, and it stopped raining. nnback soon

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