rain, like thunder and lightning, it comes and goes this evening

In typical Missouri fashion, the weather has no idea what it wants to do - sunny this morning, as well as hot and humid, then less humidity, slightly cooler, and breezy, following by a breezy lightning/thunder storm that came in, then some light gray/faded blue in the sky, and now... ::checks out window::, it's post-rain damp, and sporadic thunder.

I just go outside and just assume I will generally enjoy what's waiting for me, so I am merely a witness.

Packages and other items of note will arrive tomorrow, and the next day. I will also see my Primary Care doc in the afternoon tomorrow, and see what she has to say about prescribing antibiotics for the bladder situation that has yet to be (effectively) dealt with. Perhaps a jaunt to/from Schnucks, or/and a walk around the neighborhood (for exercise, no destination in mind), and other things will happen, as they always do.

For now I put on water to heat for instant coffee. Espresso, actually. A 1.5 scoop mug of instant. I can do that with Folgers, but not the Folgers Noir Golden...whatever the name is, I forget, it's like a pragraph long. And I definitely can't do that with Schnucks brand instant motor oil crystals (coffee).

The Internet was whatever it was today. Good things happened, bad things happened, everyone heard about all of it, and individual decisions on how to proceed were likely conlcuded on a per-person basis (consciously or subconsciously), and the world shall continue on.

So yea, I'm feeling rather "blatantly neutral" this evening - likely due to inconsistent weather patterns, of which I can compose a DaVinci or slam ink blot patterns on the walls. I sort of feel akin to that of DaVinci, so I will enjoy this instant espresso (now poured) and put on some music and soak in the weather - whatever the hell it gives me.

back later

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