rain, hello there

A pleasant 78 degrees. Rain falls outside.

It is 6:23 PM, and I realize that I forgot to call Metro Call-A-Ride about the ADA stuff. I will call/confirm tomorrow morning. Then I can A) pay for an ADA "permit" (or something like a permit), B) pay in advance (monthly) for my fare, and C) arrange my rides to/from Independence Center for the upcoming appts.

Earlier, my caseworker called to confirm that she was NOT picking me up from IC today, because I asked if she could be on standby in case I arranged a ride THERE. But I did not. Nice of her to call. Also, got a call from IC, which I think was for the dude to remind me of Orientation (for today), but then I reminded him that I rescheduled for the 22/23 of this month. He acted like the call was just a reminder, and played it off. LMAO! But I thanked him, anyway.

I have therapy this week. Wednesday. A trip to get food the day after.

And that's what's in-store this week


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