I woke up at 9:45 (after crashing out from too much Reign energy drink (if it was a proper energy drink? It made me feel more mentally stimulated than physically – still, gonna avoid that stuff)), and I told Neighbor S that I would be at his apartment at 10:00 to help him with laundry. I got up, skipped coffee, and went over there and listened to him ramble about this and that for five minutes (with little response from me – no coffee meant no brain activity, haha). And he informed me that “D” (a staffer here) would help him put $$ on his laundry card, and that I didn’t have to worry about it. nn…ok. Cool. We discussed the details for 15 minutes yesterday and agreed to it, but I guess words mean nothing, so…nnSo, I came home, had a quick breakfast (three eggs with cheese) and now having coffee and writing. nnGonna be a nice day. Good #stlwx.nnback soon

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