Decided to NOT get soda this morning, and purchased iced coffee, instead. A good way to start a full day. Now, I am sitting in near direct sunlight in the bedroom (at the desk), and feeling pretty good about this minimalist desk setup I have going on here. Definitely a “focus zone”, in terms of writing and even life, itself. It’s here at this desk (last night) that I decided that I needed to re-adopt my old way of looking at *THINGS* (meaning stuff, physical objects that I own). So, a new/old perspective on ownership. As before, I figured; “I own so little, I have room to get a few more things here and there”, but at the (extreme) cost of my own focus/happiness. Now, I am looking at things as; “I own little, I *need* little, I *want* little – having less is OK”. It’s why I always looked at thing as “I have the perfect amount of things”, or, “I have enough”, and that is what maintains a healthy minimalist life, I think. Less desire, less yearning, less shopping – more contentment and focus.nnGood deal!nnBack later

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