*Blinded By The Light*nn![](https://i.snap.as/Uwd6foIb.jpg)nnEver see the movie Blow, with Johnny Depp? The best scene in that movie is when they “start” the North American “____” business (I won’t say the “C” word here on Read.write.as). They had just partnered with Pablo Escobar and there is a sort of a Kaleidoscope of imagery of “Boston George” (Depp) and his partner doing over-glamorized “C” deals throughout the West. It’s seriously what I had always imagined in my mind when I was…idk, a teenager(?) when I thought of “1980’s Hollywood…people of questionable character”. nnThe music playing was accurate, too. They started doing their thing in 1977, and in the Kaleidoscope scene, the song [“Blinded By The Light”](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blinded_by_the_Light) was playing throughout. Not the 1973 version by Bruce Springsteen (he wrote the song, but I’ve never heard his version of it), but the cover by the British band Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, which was #1 on Billboard of that year. It’s quite a good song, the glitzed out keyboard is sort of what makes it.nnAnyway, this photo which I just snapped on my walk to Schnucks this morning looked photogenic, so I snapped away, and now I see some big ass, thick light beams from it (the sun) upon viewing the photo after it’s processing.nnBut about the song (which again, is very very good – the cover of it is), I saw this little tidbit on the previously linked Wikipedia entry:nn![](https://i.snap.as/yJb8pNIf.png)nnSpringsteen only made it to the Hot 100 chart with someone *else* covering one of his songs? I always assumed Springsteen was a big deal the way people make him out to be a busted up guitar strumming, random string plucking, legendary musician of mastery. He’s one of “those” musicians (in my mind, everything is is subjective to perception, after all), and by being one of *those* musicians, I mean he is loved/admired gratuitously for his entire career and I’m like; “did he write songs? Like is he *on the radio*? Is ANYTHING recognizable about his *work* besides his overarching legend of who he is?”nnIt’s whatever. I’m sure I’ve heard some stuff from him at some point. Some song besides “Born In The U.S.A.” (which I admit, is very anthem-like – just not something I’d be itching to add to a playlist).nnI’m babbling. nnI like the photo. There ya go.nnback later

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