One of those days where my mind is "loosy goosey", and I almost need writing to "bring me back" to a state of sanity. I just awoke from a two hours nap, and the sleep was good, and meds were taken just beforehand, so I slept deep for those two hours, and now I feel so rested that I may just stay awake forever, haha.

So, it is dark blond coffee that I am having now, which is dark roast, but brewed in a "light" manner (a single scoop in boiling water, instead of two heaping scoops). Good stuff, indeed.

So I suppose this little writing spell helped, with the wandering mind, as did the coffee, so, mission accomplished, I suppose. LOL! I have no other updates to write about right now. I listened to my neighbor's dog bark away it's own reality earlier today - just barked until there was nothing to bark at and then barked some more. Madness.

It's a fine Spring day here (58F), and I am doing ok. Gonna enjoy the rest of this mug of coffee.

back soon