It’s 3:45 AM, and I woke up at 3:30, made coffee, and decided I will just *stay* awake. I slept for three or so hours, so, that’s good enough.nnCoffee was good, now it is time to write.nnI got invited to a Plex Media server from my brother-in-law, and it has *countless* movies/shows on there (music, too, I think), and I accepted the invitation, but who knows if I will get much (if any) use out of it. New *Dexter* is on there, so there is that, but I am in no rush to watch it (even though it is my favorite show of all time). It’s not going anywhere, so…nnAll these days later, and my leg still bothers me. I will ice it down later, but for now it just hurts when I try to extend my leg for any type of “fast”, or even just quicker-paced walking. I am not at a “shuffle” or a “drag” like I was initially, but still in sharp (muscle) pain when I try to walk what I would call “normal”. Not pleasant, at all.nnHell, I’ve even taken to wearing socks with my Xero Shoes sandals again (despite the cold #stlwx), to avoid wearing the New Balance shoes, because my right foot is too swollen to wear the NB kicks comfortably. So, that definitely sucks.nn**web dev stuff**nnOh and a thing on web dev that I wanted to mention: I found [this document](https://www.tutorialspoint.com/git/git_quick_guide.htm) (a How-To from Tutorial’s Point) that is pointing me in the right direction in terms of wrapping my head around git, in general. I remember using a simple Git method that they (Github) walked me through it (git) when I created an old Github account in 2017 or so, and it was *only* used to submit the Pong game I made for a CS50X class I was taking through EdX. I made the game in Scratch 2, and it is long since gone (as is that old GH account). nnAnyway, I think that How-To will get me going in the right direction (I read most of it already), and hopefully it will help me familiarize myself with some terminology, and standard practices, etc. nnWhat’s cool is, since I am not a part of any “team” that is using this Git “protocol” (I guess would be the term for it?), I can set it up any way I want to (adhering to the bare minimum of the practice – the practice of “git’ing”, haha).nnSo let’s look at what’s a priority for **Thanx** and what is not (as of right now – 11.12.2021):nn**Priorities:**nnPriority #1 – figure out how I can set up the local environment and just get started with a “gitflow” (as I will refer to it as, in the generic sense)nnPriority #2 – get the proper db connection going from the message “input” area (the `textarea` on a/the bio page on **Thanx**), and get the messages put INTO that text box to display on the receiver’s “inbox”. May seem complicated as I described it, but I know what I am doing with it, so it’s all good.nn**NOT a priority right now:**nnNon-priority – getting an embed badge (JS embed code) to auto-generate for people to use with their **Thanx** account once they are set up and signed in. This I explored in great detail over a number of days some months back, and it is a LOT harder than it looks, for sure. I DO want it as a feature eventually, though.nnNon-priority – getting neither web browser nor e-mail notifications working on **Thanx** for when the end user gets a “new Thanx! Message”. In due time there *could* be a notification area, but I would prefer the “new messages” to simply be highlighted in light blue (or whatever color) when the person signs in. So, all new messages would be highlighted that they received since last sign-in – all previous messages will NOT be highlighted.nnSome of that stuff is fairly far off in terms of stuff I am looking at implementing (or even figuring out how), but, sometimes I make a boatload of progress unexpectedly when I am just trying to do *ONE* thing and then I figure out how to do *ANOTHER* thing out of the clear blue. I’m lucky sometimes, I guess :)nn

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