All writing/photos/important docs are now:nn- backed up on Google Drive/Photosn- backed up on pCloudn- saved in the Documents section of the MBAn- saved on the 1TB SSDnnThe only thing left to save are music files from my phone, which I will do in a little bit here. nnI am checking to see how much storage (total) all the things I pulled down from the cloud/saved to the SSD takes up. Those are the only files in my Documents folder, so when the Mac is done calculating it (under About This Mac > Storage), I will show n’ tell, haha.nnAnd the results are…nn![](https://i.snap.as/e6jUPc4m.png)nn*Only* ~a half gig of space(!?)nnGranted, this phone takes low-rez photos (and there are less than 100 photos in total), and text documents/PDFs take up like no room at all, but it seems like I saved a LOT more than a half gig worth of files/folders this AM.nnHard to believe, but, GOOD!nnBack soon

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