Had a good listening sesh. And they *are* the **TIN(ny)** T2’s, I would say. High treble. Not bad. Not 100% up my alley, either. But, it is what it is.nnI may hold off on the HELM Bolt until I order the Audio-Technica ATH-R70X (over-the-ear/closed-back) headphones in the not too distant future. I don’t need *magnified* tinny-ness going into my ears with a dongle amp/DAC. I mean, I DO want the Bolt, very much so, but right now is not the time (though I DID have plans for it in the budget, will rearrange the budget in a tad bit).nnOther things must be gotten in the budget, as well. And I think the name of the game this month (or, the main focus), will be to A) order a Revolut Card, B) put money on the Revolut Card account, C) perhaps get some physical silver.nnAs I mentioned in a blog post some weeks back, I have a lot of plans on what to do in terms of money, perhaps delving into the RobinHood app, and just getting finances more squared away than they have been (not that they have been out of sorts, but…you know).nn*Sidenote*nnJust got sick from having over-eaten for dinner. Didn’t over eat on purpose, just sort of didn’t agree with me. I thought I was fairly hungry, but apparently I wasn’t. Or, I just have a pathetically weak stomach. Likely the latter.nnIt’s an OK night here, and that is another thing I have to remember to do – remind myself that *I* am OK, *things* are OK, and I don’t have too much to complain about in life, in general. So, optimism is a very good thing :)nn*Another sidenote*nnI am 100% sure the queasiness that caused me to get sick a moment ago was *not* from the booster I got yesterday, as I haven’t been symptomatic from it whatsoever. I have a slightly sore shoulder that is going away, but no chills/cough/nausea/or anything like that from the boost. Thank Dog!nnHope everyone is wellnnback later

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