My 30's, man. They were like my teenage years. Tumultuous, full of boredom and pain. I could walk through each year of my 30's, and say not many good things about each one.

And the thing is: it isn't like they were "unbearable", and it isn't like it was the worst series of years of my life (I would say that ages 15-20 were those, in many ways) - it's just that when I compare my 30's to my 20's; holy shit. Night and day! So, the way I see it, decades (in my life), play "Hop Scotch". And I know going into each decade ho it will go, how it will play out. I am 38 now, and I know that my 40's are gonna be great :) I have a "head start" on things - I removed some toxicity from my life (and am detoxifying from those relationships now), I will move in the near future, my diet is cleaned up (has been for a while), I'm on a continued weight loss journey (very happy about that), etc.

But Now, I purge thirties. I had to change my life in my 20's, and Now I change my life (again) in my 40's (starting Now, at 38). And this is now a Brand New(TM) revelation, either - I didn't come up with it this morning or anything. I have been of this mindset since I turned 38, and have been implementing different changes since the start of 2022. And I always knew 38 would be an "altering" year for me. I knew it since I was 23, and I sort of had a (very bizarre) sort of "crystal ball" moment in life - I saw where I was (then) and where I was going, and kind of foresaw (word?) that things would go this way at this time, and that way at other times. 38 would be a/the year of change and is (in some weird way) "compartmentalized" between 38 and 42 years old. How? I have no way to describe it.

Anyway, I look forward to what is ahead. I'll write about some of it as those moments come along :):)

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