On a whim, I think I will re-list this blog on R.w.a ( I am not sure why I am doing this, but it feels like something I am “up for”. I wrote publicly on R.w.a for a few years (2018-2021), but I set the blog to “Unlisted” because I do five or more updates a day, and I didn’t want to “push down” other new blog posts on the R.w.a feed. But I think I can tone it down, or at least *space out* the blog posts I do throughout the day so it doesn’t seem so “loud”.nn**Who am I, anyway?**nnI’m TMO, and I maintain my W.a blog as an online journal. A public log of my days, ideas, thoughts, etc. I’ve done this since October 2014 (first Tumblr, then a different Tumblr, and then W.a starting in mid-2018). I don’t remember exactly how I discovered W.a, other than I think I was searching for “writing application” in the iOS store, and came across W.a, and downloaded it, and wrote a bunch of anonymous posts, and then created a Free account, and then a paid account, and eventually a five year Pro account (during a five year anniversary sale).nnI have another blog that hasn’t been updated in 10 days, but it gets an update here and there, which I self-host on my VPS using Ghost software called [](, and I dislike the theme immensely, and until I buy a new one, it may not get a lot of updates. nnSo, read around if you like. I read a lot of stuff on R.w.a (always have, ever since I found out about W.a, actually), and it’s a daily routine for me (reading blogs from R.w.a, as well as a number of blogs on my 1Feed RSS reader).nnThanx for stopping in! 🙂

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