prohibitive forms of communicae are better than nothing, I suppose

A few blogs I read pretty regularly support Webmentions, and I've noticed some of the activity on some of the posts on those blogs as of recent days (generally "link backs" (as I refer to them as - someone linking back to that particular post), and also comments from within/on IndieWeb services (Mastodon and whatever else is out there), and (less usefully) Likes and Boosts and whatnot).

Now, I don't think I could implement Webmentions on this blog,, because I'm pretty sure this software (Ghost) is not geared towards the IndieWeb crowd (nor the "smol web", which is much more of an unoffical moniker for those who correspond and form communities off of the "big" social spheres online). But, as I've seen some of my interactions (my linking back to such and such post, on someone else's blog) show up in their Webmentions section, I see this:

my IndieWeb avi? I guess?

...and so I went about to change this avi/avatar, so I can at least have a "thumbnail", or whatever, throughout this IndieWeb protocol (for when my name/blog/reference shows up on another blog). So far, I see no (even) quasi-centralized service in which to change the avi, nor make a self-hosted avi that can be utilized across the IndieWeb "services" (or whatever).

Then, as links get clicked, and I bounce from place to place to place, I notice that there is fairly little utility in me A) implementing this protocol for my own link/reaction tracking on to begin with (as I don't use any type of social profile(s), and never will), and B) it likely runs counter to what I am using the Internet for (hell, I use the Internet for a lot of different shit, but in regards to blogging/writing, and the communication mediums for such, e-mail is more than adequate).

Also, by using/subscribing to an analytics service, I can get similar results in regards to any "link backs" that go on with, and there could even be deeper insights into those interactions. And I don't use analytics for, because this is not a for-profit/monetized blog (for it is a simple journal, as I refer to it as).

The long and short of it

I can't/won't do X number of steps to modify an avi/avatar (or won't go to great lengths - yep, lazy) , as that is all I set out to do, and I can't/won't go "all the way" in regards to implementing the Webmentions protocol for, because A) I can't on this software, and B) I can't derive a lot of utility in doing such.

On that note, feel free to contact me if you have any opinions on the subject of Webmentions. Or IndieWeb protocol(s), in general. Or elements of the "smol web". Or just say "hi". I'm usually around :)

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