So, I got things started. I did all the [aforementioned stuff](, which was already done when I wrote that post, and then I started on the two “tricky” parts. Or, the *start* of the two tricky parts. nnSo, the `POST` method with PHP should work OK. I got the `textarea` rockin’ and rollin’, and it looks good enough, for now. But for Right Now, it is time to stop for the eve. I’ve been messing with this stuff for around four hours, and I need to step away for a tad bit. That is usually my “record”, too – four hours of any type of dev work and then I have to stop and do something else for…the rest of the day, haha.nnThe good thing about all this, is that I am not using any type of *anything* that I do not have a fairly decent understanding of. I sort of “get” PHP, in a way – like how I “get” HTML or CSS (a lot of people get discombobulated with CSS, as do I, but after working with it for an hour or so, I know *exactly* what I am doing with it). I always have to “refresh” my knowledge after a few days of stepping away from it, though. Sort of a “use it or lose it” thing.nnOn that note, there is currently no CSS in this project, and I doubt there will be anytime soon. Just saying.nnSo, now I am having coffee, trying to think of *other* things not computer-related. I will revisit all of this tomorrow, after the dental appointment, and after some fast grocery shopping. nnback soonnn

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