I think back to this blog post (old bloggo link) fairly often, and think: "yea, I was doing it all wrong". But at the same time, I still just put everything in the filesystem on the VPS, itself, and do not use any type of text editor, or Github, or anything like that when I am building something. Because I'm a fool, apparently. So, maybe I can learn how to utilize Github and a local dev environment at some point in my life without completely draining the fun/enthusiasm of making stuff? I doubt it. In fact, I doubt I would ever be able to fix anything if/when it broke if/when something ever did go awry with something I made.

So, here is a new (simple, obvious, common sense) rule I am setting for myself right Here and Now: don't deploy ANY code that I do not 100% understand

Now, of course that means some pretty rigid limitations, as I know/understand but an OK amount of HTML/CSS, and just a tiny bit of JS, and but a scant amount of PHP. I have learned a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff in the past year (and by the way, I don't see wtf the point is of looking back - as everything I will do from now until the end of time will be done in the future!) but there is still much further to go.

Long story short, I think that anything I make, will be a relatively "primitive" operation. And luckily, the only things I have planned in the back of my mind are just that: insanely primitive. So, life should be ok for a while ;)

OK, back soon