Budget allowing, I will be getting a tattoo in March. I've been wanting another tattoo since August, when I got "Silent Sally" tattooed on my collar bone. "Silent Sally", meaning a bust of a woman who looks like a silent film star (pictured below):

...which turned out quite good.

And the next tattoo I want is sort of an outline of a flower, with a swirl pattern in the middle. Very hard to describe, and will be nearly impossible to photograph, because it will be going on my left elbow. And I was going to do it in a larger size, but then realize just how damn small my arm (and therefore elbow) is, so it will be smaller than I had planned.

It won't take long, at all (the tattoo session). And it won't be terribly expensive, either, as there is very little detail involved - just the basic "flower" outline, and then some blank "swirl" spots in the middle. And this would be considered a "blackwork" tattoo - which is sort of like a tattoo done in black and grey, but there is no shading involved, and therefore no grey - all parts are black. It may come across as a little uninspired, but this is what I want done on my elbow - something simple, dark, and that won't look like shit when my elbow is bent (stretching the skin and making the original image look like a mess). It is also a bit unoriginal, as others have this particular image on their elbow. So, this is kind of "traditional" in that sense.

The next tattoo I get (whatever it may be, and wherever (on me) I get it) will be a more detailed, and larger, piece. I am thinking either a Geisha (which is sort of a traditional Japanese performance artist) on my left forearm (which would effectively "complete" the lower-sleeve), or, a peacock on my left bicep, as there is juuust the right amount of space between the zombie-skull-thing I have on my bicep and the olive branch on the inner-bicep. Does a skull/olive branch/and peacock "fit" together? No, they have nothing to do with one another - other than they will all be inked on my skin permanently ;)

And everything I get on my left arm from here on out will be in black & grey (unless it is blackwork), because I always said I would do the left arm in B&G, and that is precisely what I have been doing with every tattoo on that arm since after my first tattoo on that shoulder, which has some red ink in it. Everything else is B&G. As for my right arm, that will be mostly color, I think. At least that is how it is going right now - three tattoos on that arm, two of them in color.

There are other ideas, too - a broken up cob web on my inner left elbow (or "ditch" of my forearm (OUCH!)), a solid black heart with some sort of symbol within it (whatever that symbol may end up being) somewhere on my bicep/shoulder, and then something on the back/inner bicep (sort of beneath the armpit). Then, I will wrap it all up and put the sleeving background on it, which will likely be a dark grey/black "smoke" or "haze" or "fog" effect.

The name of the game is to get my left arm sleeved by the time I turn 40 years old. 38 years old now. And of all the tats I've mentioned, only the Geisha (if that is what I end up getting) will be the costly/expensive tattoo. The rest will be fairly affordable that I can just get "whenever"). The sleeve, itself, will cost a tad bit, but it will be my 40th birthday present to myself (in celebration of surviving Earth for four decades ;))

that's how it goes

back soon