pretentious attitudes (sign up for the course!)

This is dragging someone, I suppose. But I doubt I will put a dent in his "Personal Monopoly", so I don't hesitate at all in writing this.

I saw someone link up a post (which I will NOT link) on their blog about a dude who is a "digital guru" of sorts. Here's, the pop-up I was presented with upon visiting this person's site:

Now, this guy might have authentic knowledge/information that could be useful for whatever it is he wants me/you to sign up for, but there are a LOT of people who claim to know "Web Mastery", and they, like him, I have never heard of before. But he LOOKS legit! LMAO!

I also like the image used with the article I clicked the link for in the first place:

The ultimate! Awesome.

Title aside (which of course is obtuse and preposterous - NO one has genuinely good knowledge (let alone enough to write a/the ultimate guide) of "writing online" (though some serious folks may have sincere advice for writing in general)), the imagery is amazing.

A typewriter - can't get online with that

A Samsung S4(?) smartphone - in case "online" calls, and you have to respond to it mid-manifesto

A stack of papers - and yep, they're blank!

The Bukowski book looks nice - hats off there (though I don't think he ever could/did get online)

And the coffee - hats off, again (no qualms with that)

So, this dude is probably a nice guy. No issues with whoever it is (WHOever he may be). But this is like that dude from YT (a very popular guy) who makes a non-chalant video about "just chillin' here in my L.A. home with my new Ferrari", and then pumps e-course links down the viewer's throats in the description. Only the dude in question here does it for writing. (on a typewriter!)

Yea, just annoying, is all

back soon

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