"prepping" for Winter

I don't know if I would call it "prepping" necessarily - more like buying essential items that I will freeze/be uncomfortable without, because my current items in that same category are either not my size, or worn out all to hell.

Some of  these items are in the LL Bean wishlist, but not in the cart, because the carts items will need to be bought in August (incl a replacement tee + socks (down to a single pair!)).

The Winter items incl:

  • Adventure Grid fleece gloves
  • standard athletic sweatshirt
  • Cotton Ragg thick socks (two pair)
  • Mountain Classic puffer jacket

...and that's about all. I will pick up some Levi's blue jeans (from the online Levi's outlet) in time, too, because my current jeans are size 38, and I am down to size 36 waist now. I will likely replace my English Laundry chino pants with something else from somewhere else, too, for that same reason, but those items can come later.

On a different note: with breakfast I had some of this Sky Valley siracha (atop an egg sandwich), and it is definitely some sweet/spicy stuff! Reminds me exactly of Batch 81 hot sauce from the now defunct Quizno's restaurants here in the Midwest. Looks like Subway won that fight (unfortunately - Subway is dumpster food! LMAO!).

Onto coffee and other moments of the morning

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