I have no idea if there will be an O'Family get together for SPD this year - Omicron is out of control, a few family members are under the weather (COVID-related or not (not sure at this point)), and no one in the family has had a SPD gathering for several years now. WE, the immediate family will get together, but as far as extended family - IDK. But still, there is the O'Family Reunion that is happening in September of this year, so I need to get something green to wear for that, I think. I will do so by ordering a Cheap Trick (band) t-shirt from a webstore that sells 1980's style t-shirts.

Why a Cheap Trick shirt?

Because Cheap Trick is cool, and because I always liked their logo, and because this one in particular has the shade of green that I like (for a t-shirt), and also because it has a cloverleaf on it (though, not a four leaf clover - which signifies luck - and therefore The Luck of the Irish).

In fact, this particular webstore that I found sells LOTS of cool 70s/80s/90s-inspired t-shirts, so I may pick up more than one(?). I don't know too many pop culture reference shirts I would truly like though, really. I would have to shop around on the site some more. Atari shirts are cool looking, but I didn't play our Atari 2600 all that much in the 80s, and when 1990 rolled around and I got an NES for Xmas, that Atari was "old news", haha.

Besides, other than on special occassions (like SPD), I tend to just stick to solid black, solid white, or heather gray shirts for nearly all of my wardrobe. I'm sorta monotone in that respect, I guess. Also classy/timeless ;)

Anyway, the CT shirt has been added to my budget, as I have been needing a SPD shirt for several years now, so...yea. Other than that, I know I have a LUCID mattress in the budget for February, because it will be 100% necessary for my sleep schedule to get anywhere near back on schedule. The mattress I have now (which wasn't all that great to begin with), is completely worn out, so I am ready for something firm(er), and better. Once I receive the mattress, everything in the bedroom will be rearranged (again) to where it needs to be (and how it looks "correct" - in my mind).

That's about all for now. back soon