It's sunny, the temp is rising fast, I have everything packed up and ready to go for a hike :) I already had most of it in the pack, ready to go, but I needed to add the rain jacket (for additional insulation (if necessary), not rain), and also make sure everything that is non-negotiable is in the pack. For Winter, that is:

  • a space blanket
  • hand warmers
  • feet warmers
  • cotton sock hat
  • Gortex gloves
  • cloth COVID mask (which doubles nicely as a poor man's balaclava)

The standard, year-round stuff includes:

  • hygeine travel kit (because where else would I keep it?)
  • 70% of a First Aid Kit (on the side pouch, easily accessible)
  • 30% of the FAK in an on-my-person pouch, along with Bic lighter, hand sanitizer, CRKT minimalist pocket knife (and yes, the model is called "minimalist", I am not just calling it that), and even pipe cleaners (because you never know)
  • and of course, 1/2 Liter of water (more than enough for Winter, but increased to 1 1/2 Liters when I go in warmer months)

And, on my person, the usual:

  • wallet
  • keys with Leatherman PS Style mini multitool (no knife on it, just pliers)
  • phone (fully charged)
  • punker/cadet hat (so the sun isn't in my eyes - also, in case I have to sport the rain jacket, the hood doesn't get in my face)

So, I am all set :)