Checked another “to-do” off the list with upgrading to ProtonMail Premium, which wasn’t a thing I planned on doing this month, but I used up 89% of my 500MB allotment and it was time to go Premium. I also got ProtonVPN thrown in for free for subscribing annually, so that isn’t too bad, I suppose. I can finally use a custom domain with my PM account now, too, so that will happen in due time.nnFun fun!nnI am also on my second cup of coffee, after having slept nearly four hours (how/why? IDK). I am surprised I fell asleep at 9:00 PM and then awoke at 1:00 AM, not usual for me on nights where I have stuff to do. nnAlso (just now), I ordered the thing I said I was excited about the other day. A small thing, but still pretty cool (*I* think it is cool, anyway) – **I secured the domain “” for this blog!** I remember looking around for “tmo.anyextension” at one time, and all I could find was “” (which I ordered and then later cancelled), and I did not know there was a “.name” extension until I found a Google employee’s personal website that was “”, and the other day when I was looking at domains to potentially be used with this blog, I found “” and thought: yes, perfect! As TMO *are* my initials :)nnI still have “”, and “” (which I may cancel “”, as I can use “” with the Jekyll project I plan on doing soon – luckily I only paid $0.99 for the “.site” domain). I also have “”, and obviously that one is important, but it is just the three I will keep, I think –,, and will apply “” to this bloggo here soon. Cool stuff! 🙂

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