I don't think I have an "account" with DDG. I don't remember ever giving them my e-mail or anything like that, and they don't track me, anyway, and they are free - but, I would like to have an ad-free, super customizable version of DDG, and I would pay for it, if I could. Like, $10 a year for me to remove the dumb "pinned" suggestions (which ironically is Google Search (WTF?)), and also more theming options, and maybe a few other bells and whistles. It'd be a nice thing, and I would be supporting a GOOD search engine that I care about and use every single day (been around three years since I visited Google.com, I think).

Just putting this out there.

In other "news", I put a 32GB USB-C drive into my cart on B&H Photo, and will get that in Feb. ($10+change), so I can flash/boot/whatever Pop OS on the MBA. That will be fun :) However, I don't think I am going to put a custom ROM on my Moto G7 Power (such as Lineage OS or Oxygen OS or whatever), because I rarely use the phone to begin with, so...

back soon