It’s 11:30 AM CST, and in 1.5 hours (at 1:00 PM CST) the Meetup will start (via [](, so I hope to see some folks there. I’m trying to “be ready” for it by checking the mail beforehand (because I have a large amount of tobacco arriving and I don’t want it “cooking” in the mailbox in the sun), and having water poured and ready for the heating on the cooktop, so if/when the desire for coffee arises, I will just warm it up, pour, done.nnIt’s early to do all this “busywork” – not early in the day, but 1.5 hours early is probably *too* **pre** prepatory. But it is what it is.nnOther things of the day – writing a couple of e-mails, texting with my therapist to confirm she received payment for the other day, finding the right blind-to-AC ratio in my apartment, because the sun is beating down on my windows, and I want *some* sunlight, but not to the extent that it warms my apartment. nnback soonn

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