They are inspecting specific apartment tomorrow. I don’t know why. I happen to be one of them. So, I cleaned the kitchen counters, desk/island, sink, stove, and bathroom with Clorox Wipes. Good. Now, I have coffee and have a smoke. Soon, I will sweep the kitchen floor, and then Swiffer Wet mop it. And I think that is all I am doing for the rest of the night. And it is all that needs to be done, honestly. I always keep the place in tip-top shape. Because that is how I enjoy living.nnAlso, the floor fan is running, the sliding glass door is about to be cracked open, and the evening is fairly…fair.nnBeen kind of a shitty day, to be blunt about it. I tried to remain positive, and that alone was incredibly difficult, but there has always been this overarching theme of uselessness and lack of purpose in my life for the past several years. It’s magnified now, and I am not 100% sure why.nnI’ll trudge along, and see what comes of what, but, whatever.nnTonight, I will continue with the coffee. And fresh air. And some music later on, too.nnAnd it will likely be a late night, too. I slept plenty good last night, and though I have been awake for the entirety of the day, I don’t feel like going to bed at a “reasonable” hour, either.nnupdates later

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