I am having coffee. And I am more or less “calling it” a good night’s sleep, because it was around 12:45 AM that I went to bed (shortly after the 12:34 post), and I feel rested enough, so…nn…so, I just changed my clothes, and am in “Summer Outfit B”. I have two(2) sets of interchangeable Summer clothes (this year), and they are:nnTOPS:n- black v-neck t-shirtn- grey pocket t-shirtnnBOTTOMS:n- olive/forest green plaid dress shortsn- strange-patterned Vuori running shortsnn…that’s it!nnWhen it is laundry time (in Summer) I sport my khaki chinos + white v-neck tee. When there is a tad bit of a chill, I sport the thermal sweatshirt, too. A blue button-down is always on-hand, as well.nnEXTRAS:n- several pair of Under Armor boxer/briefs (mandatory)n- two pair of REI Co-Op socks (usually mandatory)n- dark brown cadet hatn- LL Bean dark Navy blue jeans (which are size 38, and I am nowhere near that (anymore), so I need to get them in 36, or perhaps even 34)n- Xero Shoes “Jesus” slippersn- New Balance hikersn- black rain jacketnn…and those are the add-on’s.nnAll that’s all I have in my wardrobe in it’s entirety, I think. For Winter, just add in the Legendary Whitetails (thick) button-up sweater, and perhaps a pair of 3/4 length spandex “base layer” pants, and that’s all that is in “storage”.nnI will get more/different clothes over time. But not “pile in” clothes, but rather replace the old here and there. That’s all.nnback soon

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