Had about half of the Monster Zero Energy Drink earlier, and that stuff is powerful, and has way too much of...everything in it. So I poured the rest out and kinda/sorta got a "power nap" in, instead. Like, so much energy that I was drained of energy type of thing. The type of rest where I (somehow) achieve REM (rapid eye movement) even though I am only zonked out for maybe 45 minutes. Bizarre. So, now I am plenty awake (and kinda rested?), and downed a 1/2 Liter of water, and am feeling better. Monster, man. Fucked up stuff.

It's sunny and beautiful out today. 58 degrees at high noon. I am also glad I made the trip to the store earlier, because now I can make something to eat without too much exurtion (spelling?). I will make an egg sammy in a bit here, as I am pretty sure the Kerrygold Irish Butter has thawed to the point of spreadability (not a word), and I can cook with it. So, that is what I will do.

back soon