After two hours of sleep, I woke up, and made coffee, and tried to do a cohesive blog post on the other bloggo. It worked, sentences formed, thoughts were corresponded, and it was fine. It was sort of a warm up for writing a proper blog post when I had the second cup of coffee for the morning. So I suppose *this* is that “proper” blog post. nnThe title is not accurate, though. It said I was pouring coffee, and moments after writing that I *did* pour coffee, but I did not wait long enough for the heating process, and it was less than Luke warm, so I am remaking it. Technically a true post title, but misleading – and this explainer about it is completely superfluous :/nnI feel pretty damn good this morning, though. I look forward to whatever grub I buy at the store later on (at 9:00 AM). And this time I will actually buy EGGS! I never buy eggs, as I am sort of a vegan-leaning vegetarian. But eggs sound great right now, so that is what I am going to buy. Other things, too – but the crown jewel of it all will be eggs.nnAnyway, I feel like I am in a depressive/manic state. Not from an actual “emotional” standpoint (yes, I feel very good, but not manic in any way), but in more of an *observational* type of manic state. Like, yesterday I was being very depressive and negative towards my surroundings, environment, living situation (e.g. the boredom of South St Louis County), but now I feel that “observational depression” (which is not a real term, I am sure) has shifted back to an “observational mania”. Or, I just feel better about things (every thing), in general.nnNow, the coffee has been poured. Piping hot.nnSo there’s a sparse update of what’s what at this hour on Monday, 3.28.2022nnback soon

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