I don't have anything in particular to write about at this exact moment, I just feel like writing a little bit. So here I am :)

It's almost 5:00 AM, and the Informed Delivery website from USPS is not showing me any recent updates in terms of the mattress delivery, but I am assuming it is in STL, but I cannot confirm that. I'd really like to get it today, so I can sleep well tonight. 7+ hours would be a Godsend at this point, and really turn things around for me mentally, emotionally, etc.

I am definitely a firm surface and cold temperature sleeper - I have to be on a firm-yet-malleable surface for sleeping, and the temp in the room has to be relatively cold (~72 in the Winter, ~68 in the Summer), and then just supplement not getting too cold with a decent blanket. I also sleep better when there are no big ups or downs in the weather outside, as that throws me off and my internal warming/cooling system (or body temp regulation) doesn't know if I should be overall cooling myself down because it is getting warmer outside, or vice versa. But that is a Midwest problem, I am sure, because other regions tend to be a bit more consistent, or at least more dramatic in temperature changes, so the internal thermometer knows when to cool/heat, etc.

Anyway, in regards to the mattress I'm receiving, I actually LOOK FORWARD to being in a position where the bed is so comfy that I actually want to lay down, sleep - as I have been approaching sleep as a necessary chore for the past month due to my current mattress being a worn-out cloud. LOL! The current mattress reminds me a bit of the busted futon I had from Lord knows where, and I had for Lord knows how long, and it just sat on the floor of my bedroom like a giant, misfigured cotton ball, and I oftentimes would just sleep on a stack of blankets next to it, not wanting to mess up my back by sleeping on it.

Be back soon