For a long time (over a year), I had the Thanx project to work on. Or had an opportunity to work on it whenever I wanted, even though I usually just did something else entirely. It was a good thing to kinda/sorta "fall back" on (or, it gave me something to do, sometimes) but it was never going to get finished. At least, not in the way that I wanted it to be.

Thing is, I do not like being without a project. I like to have something to work on sometimes, whatever that thing may be. So, for the next project, I am going to set a few "rules" for myself (which should have been the case all along, as these are more or less "common sense" rules).

  • never use any type of code I am not familiar with, or at least have a fairly good understanding of (AKA no more intricate db stuff in PHP - which I hardly understand (at least at this point in time))
  • stick to what I know (mostly HTML/CSS/JS/PHP) and lean in slowly with other stuff
  • decide (Here and Now), do I want to learn a little about multiple languages, or, do I want to get good/proficient at a handful of languages? (the obvious answer is: get good/proficient at a handful)
  • make a list of projects I want to work on - choose one, try my best to see it to completion
  • K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

That's it.

More on this in a little bit