The domain that I am buying for the Parody Project is going to have a dedicated contact e-mail on there (instead of my personal e-mail, or a contact form), and I can do this through ProtonMail (I think) since I am a PM Plus member, but, I am not sure if I can use the domain for both the POP/IMAP/whatever e-mail on PM and also use it for a site? Can a single domain be used for that purpose? I will find out. I know that I could if it were under one "umbrella" (one site), like I could make a "" here if I wanted to, but for Carrd + ProtonMail - will those play well together?

Sounds noob-ish, but it's a legit question because I have never done a custom e-mail address before in my life, so...

And I hear that custom e-mail addresses don't always work properly (especially when someone is doing a DIY thing), but, IDK, we'll see.

So this is all fun and neat. Definitely enjoying messing with it all.

back soon