pool stragglers, project contemplation, and retro-retro videos

Today, Sunday, has turned out to live up to it's often-referred name: Lazy Sunday.

I sat behind the MacBook, at the kitchen desk/island, and as I sipped Diet Dr Pepper and browsed random items, I saw people coming/going (usually going) to the pool. The pool has been closed for a week, and just re-opened. According to the staff here, somehow a large amount of mulch/fertilizer got into the pool, and turned the water green, and they had to continually filter and treat the water to make it "normal" again. Now, it's not green, and therefore open to the residents here.

With rafts overhead, and inflatable "donuts" around their waist, towels over their shoulder, cooler in-hand, and flip flops on-feet - people have been moseying and staggering over to the pool area, and I see most of this due to my overarching view from my balcony, which is sort of right in the center of the apartment complex.

Hell, even I want to go to the pool (though not today, and not with a million people there). Some morning I may go for a dip. It will definitely be warm enough for it, and no one is there before 10:00 AM, usually.

Then, I considered different projects I can take on. I could try to compile an issue of The Zine Around The Corner, which isn't a half bad idea now that I think more about it. Or/and I can look into different hardware I may need for TicP. Software will be explored when I narrow down what hardware I will use (could be nearly anything at this point - as long as it's an "old(er)" retro setup, which is sort of the fun and point of doing this whole rig :))

And then that leads me to watching retro-retro videos (for some "mind wandering" as I try to narrow down which thing I will be doing (project-wise)). I went to the channel of The 8-Bit Guy (YT link), and used the video filter to show me "Oldest to Newest", and watched one from 2010 about the G4 PowerBook (being obsolete(?)).

After five or so mins of that vid, I decided I would write out a journal entry and decide what I am going to do here. The zine issue is what I'm pretty sure I will do in just a tad. No clue on what the "gist" or "theme" of this issue will be. So I will figure it out here.

back soon - Happy Sunday!

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