Just poured more instant coffee (leveled it down to a scoop and a half, instead of the usual three(3) scoops I used to make before, because I am moderating blood pressure in a dietary way until I can see a doctor about the situation (more on that some other time)). I am in the kitchen, at at the desk/island, enjoying the sunshine beaming in through the blinds, taking in the day, and the breeze through the door, and the wind chimes, and just feeling overall nice :)

OK, moving on. The coffee was alright, but it was slightly bitter/tanic, and I needed something cold/refreshing. Moved on to Diet Mt Dew (again, a caffeine level there, but it will be sipped slowly). I also remembered my meds just now, which made sense, because I was feeling slightly indigested, and the stomach meds are the only thing helping in that situation. I also felt a bit bitter (in mood, not just in taste) and the psych meds are the only thing helping in that situation, as well. The new med I take for mental health issues is working very well, and I am glad I changed over to it. The old stuff was dry and useless after taking it for 5 1/2 years. Psych meds tend to be like that, they work for a while, then stop. The new stuff, awesome.

It's a medium-busy day here at the apartment complex property. People come and go, in and out of the laundromat, pulling in, and driving away in cars - being "Saturday People".

So, on a day like any other, I sit at the "typing-ready", thinking of things to say, and sometimes daze off mindlessly with my eyes wandering around or at the text editor. Actually they are usually moving around the room, thinking of sharp, conscious, deliberate thought as to what to write next.

Perhaps having a quasi-theme to this (or some) blog wouldn't be a terrible idea, but I have no idea what theme, or concept, or subject I could write about with any amount of authority (or that would hold my interest for a long time - as I just want to hammer text about anything I want).

I'll move along with my day. Hope everyone out there is having a nice one. :)