I decided I will not sell the Polk Audio speakers, and I have taken down the posting from CL. nn**Why did I change my mind?**nnBecause I figure I can still get some use out of them for if/when I get the desk. The desk *could* work in front of the bedroom window, but I would MUCH prefer it in the living room, and also with that big dark forest wall tapestry behind it, it would look friggin’ boss! So, the desk in the middle, and then the speakers flanking either side (on the speaker stands, of course). I can always connect the NobSound mini amp to the MBA via the simple RCA-to-3.5mm headphone jack, and just have the mini amp off to the side a little bit. That way I am not using the MBA speakers (which are OK, I suppose – not as good as dedicated bookshelf speakers), and also I can just *get use* out of the speakers, because honestly, the reason they haven’t seen as much use in the past two years is because,nnA) I don’t like to have a lot of fuss when I put on music (which is another reason I will never mess with vinyl records)nnB) the mini amp doesn’t have Bluetooth, so I can’t just “tap a button” and be off to the racesnnC) up until a few months ago, I was stranded on the Monoprice IIIP (junk) “tube” amplifier, which made everything sound terriblennBut, the BIGGEST reason I didn’t get use from the speakers, is because I am never *near* the speakers, and can get better sound quality/detail from headphones (which will likely always be the case). Being sandwiched *in between* the speakers (even though they will not be pointed *right* at me) would be a better opportunity to enjoy them.nnSo, I think this setup will work :)nnThe complete setup is still a ways away (and I guess it will always be changing here and there), but, the chair will have to come second. Luckily I *have* a chair in the kitchen (that I am sitting in now), but, I am looking forward to changing things up in terms of an actual sitting, writing, dev, living room space.

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