Got some dudes outside my apartment, fresh out of the mountains of nowhere, yelling and shouting, and barking orders at one another about a hole they are digging to get *underneath* the building next to me, because there is a crack in the foundation. nnI’d bet bullion to Bitcoin this is the first time they have done a job like this, because they keep shouting questions at one another, and their supervisor just yacks back some indecipherable bullshit about “he doesn’t know”. nnIt’s likely the same ragtag crew that gets signed on to “refurbish” the floors at these buildings, which is anything *but* professional.nnThey also have their pick-em-up truck parked damn near square in the middle of the courtyard – after having run over a cub, a Reserved Parking sign, and mangled the damp grass, and (probably) busting the sidewalk along with it.nnGet ‘er done pilgrim!nnFFS

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