..."Dreams II" by Lost Sky is playing at the moment. Very Demi Lovato-like in voice, but the music is very Dub Step-y/Vapor Synth (I have no clue if Vapor Synth is even a theorized genre, but I will call this song that). Cool as fxxx sounding :)

That, and I slammed down a cup of medium-hot coffee, because I poured it a moment too soon, so I had to be quick. Tasty :P

I will explore some different types of music tonight, I think. Not terribly tired (it is 10:20 PM), so a late night should be nice.

I have the AC cranked, but will open the sliding glass door soon enough (and turn off the AC), and let the apartment fill with fresh air, and just enjoy the ambiance.

So, I flipped from Tidal to YouTube for a moment to experience the "The One That Got Away" cover (again) by Tiffany Alvord and Chester See. Chester's voice is absolutely amazing on this cover, and compliments Tiffany's voice so well, and hers does his, likewise.

So, I will not go through a rolladex of all the stuff I am listening to, because what kind of blog post is that? Exploring new stuff, revisiting old stuff, all that good stuff.

Around 6:00 AM tomorrow I will put laundry in, and get that out of the way. Who knows if the random bits and bobs I am expecting in the mail to arrive actually will arrive? It's just a couple "life things".

And nope, no bites this past eve on the CL posting (not that I would meet for a sale after dark, anyway). I DID change the post wording (again) to make it CLEAR that the speakers are in 100% working condition, and everything is OK with them. Before, I just gave a rundown of specs, and put up photos, etc., but I didn't SAY that they both work just fine. So hopefully that clarifies the posting. I also changed the default/featured photo for them, so that might help, too. I've never had a posting on CL take this long to sell, though. Usually it is a day, maybe two. Everything from old computers to desktop monitors to camping gear - ALL sold for the asking price within 48 hours. This time, I posted the speakers a week ago, and have since renewed the posting three times (basically every other day I "renew" it, so it goes back to the top of the listings in that category), and I have not had any inquiries about them whatsoever. Bizarre. They WILL sell though (eventually).

So, yea - it is what it is.

But I wanted to write a few words about the budget, and the init commit project, which was sort of announced/named in this blog post here. First, the June budget is more or less finished. I put all the necessary "live-or-die" life things on there (rent, utility bill payments, CricketWireless phone bill, and gave myself a pretty liberal tobacco budget, as well), so nothing will change in terms of that "core" budget. I haven't crunched the #'s yet in terms of how much is going out the door for an installment payment to pay back a relative that helped out during The Montana Excursion, but the amount owed (in total) is less than $600 (things add up quick!), and they agreed to be paid back in several installments (they said four, and I said four would be ok with me, but I will certainly try to make it three installments (because I hate owing people - ever)).

So that's the "core" June budget.

In terms of the init commit project (which I am getting excited about!) I continue with the research, the clicking around, shopping around, and attempting to find the right CRT monitor (that will likely be the most challenging thing to purchase of all the hardware needed - because I am being particular about it). And on that note, I decided that a genuine Vectrex monitor (or console, I should say) cannot be done, because they are selling for $1,000 and up online. I saw things on Amazon and eBay, and they were all over $1K, so I sort of ruled it out early on. That, and the actual "Vector display technology" involved with that device (or any device using that type of tech) will likely not work at all with a modern version of Linux, because of the way the pixels are "drawn" in real-time, and not sort of "filled in" with a grid pattern like nearly all other displays ever. LOL!

But, for now it is JUST research and clicking around. I will not be able to start making purchases of the hardware until July, most likely. I will continue to gather resources and documentation for what I KNOW I will be purchasing, but some things will have to be done on-the-fly, because I simply don't know what will be available on the used/refurbished market at the time I have the funds.

So, more on all that as time goes on :)

And there we have it. Another long-winded, babbling blog post that is nearing 1,000 words. LOL! The blog post linked above (about init commit) was the first blog post I had written in over a year that topped 1K words, I think. And now, one day later, I hammer out another 1K words for the journal. All is good.

I will wrap it up for now though

back soon