play it again, man

I had a fountain pop this AM. And now another fountain pop this afternoon.

Just walking in from BP and I remembered the name of the old Woody Allen movie Play It Again, Sam, which I found to be somewhat funny, but overwhelmingly creepy. It was effectively a movie about the main character (Sam? played by Allen) trying to seduce his best friend's girlfriend, played by Diane Keaton.

In typical Allen fashion, it was grossly and awkwardly creepy, and I think the guy (Woody Allen) is a total scumbag who is probably guilty of the stuff he has been publicly accused of doing by Dylan Farrow, from the op-ed in the NYT back in 2013 (I remember reading that story and feeling so bad for her, and also getting rid of my copy of Match Point and Manhattan that same day). I won't go into it, but I wrote a "well clapped" story on ("Clapping" on Medium basically means "Likes" or some shit) back after the op-ed came out, as I still had somewhat legible writing chops back then in terms of writing "pseudo journalism". So, I remember the whole two nights/days of reading the op-ed, writing the Medium thing, and then waking up to it being a mini-viral story. That Medium acct is long gone, as are most of the stuff I had written in the 2013 era, I think, but I remember writing it, so that's what counts.

Anyhow, it's a bright and nice afternoon. I have yet to get my hair cut, but that will have around 5:00. Right now I am pizza bloated, and I feel horrendous in terms of...bloating.

I modified my Google Keep reminder to reflect that I have to call Metro Call-A-Ride at 9:00 AM tomorrow, and schedule for Tue/Thur rides. I can do both at the same time, I think.

I've become incredibly organized, and I like that. There isn't a lot of "stuff" to fool with in terms of having a place for everything and everything in it's place. I like it this way.

Anyway, back soon

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