Blogging. And the platforms available. Many to choose from. Most suck. Some are *very* good. But the ONE that works for me (and has *been* working for four+ years now), is W.a. So I have the normal blog, [TMO](, and I have this (sub)blog, and I also have a moderately updated, temporary blog called [tmo snapping]( (for photos), and another Unlisted/Private blog called *Currently* on W.a (which never gets updated anymore). nnAlso, I have a self-hosted blog using Ghost software (, and that is it. Old/forgotten blogs exist, and they are just that – old and forgotten.nnBut, I am probably going to consolidate these here soon. I figure I will download/save (on SSD) all the posts from my Ghost blog, and perhaps download/save all the posts from *Currently*, and also download all the photos from *tmo snapping*, and simply SAVE all the text-based posts from the two former outlets (and likely not re-published any of the posts anywhere else), and then create a couple of galleries of the photos from *tmo snapping* on [my]( is what I am doing.nnWhat I DO hesitate about is, I DO like hosting the Ghost blog. I like the idea and maintenance behind self-hosting (which sounds weird). But, writing there is unnecessary, and I can always host some other (cool) software on a VPS. So, I will just find something else to self-host (very soon).nnThese things are the tasks at hand right now. So I will get to it :)nnback soon

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