I want a typewriter. LMAO!

I just tried experimenting with the Standard Notes blogging platform (listed.to), and it was as tedious as everything else out there, and nothing was terribly obvious about it, and I had to do...what?...keep all my blog posts stored locally on my fxxxing notes application? Fxxx that.

Ghost sucks, as well. I mean the editor is OK, and it has features and shit, but I am not trying to "bring back blogging" or hop on a newsletter gravy train by making Big Money(TM) with a fxxxing online publication.

Write.as - well yea, it's nice when the damn server can stay up, but MB is hella busy pressing "Send Tweet" from some NYC flophouse in Brooklyn. Nothing against the dude personally, but last I checked, I paid actual money to have a blog platform, and it doesn't rub me the right way when the entirety of the service is down for months on-end. But hey, Web3 is here, so I should just slap it on the blockchain! #sarcasm

So, I'm pretty much at the end of my rope with blog services. They all fall short of anything I expect - if they're good/usable, they get overrun and become unusable. If they suck, they're there - but no one wants to use them because of that reason, THEY SUCK!

So, I may just update every so often here on Ghost, and flip over to a handwritten format for a while. We'll see.